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Why Is Weld Free Important?
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Our competitors talk about the quality of their sanitary welds and the skill of their welders. But a sanitary weld is nothing more than a weld that is done in an oxygen-free environment on both sides of the weld using an inert gas. Since there is little oxygen in the area of the weld, burning and porosity are greatly reduced, but not completely eliminated. These welds are usually done from the outside of the tank while the inside of the tank (which is the critical area) is not visible to the welder while welding! Others do weld from the inside, but the small confined area makes this weld very difficult and requires "elaborate" procedures to produce a reasonable quality weld.

In the real world, there is no such thing as a microscopically flaw free weld as any welding Engineer can attest to. Depending on the skill of the welder, and the day he or she is having, the remaining flaws (quench cracks, porosity and cold laps) will vary and are usually not visible to the naked eye. Many elaborate methods are used to reduce these flaws, but unless they are microscopically inspected and repaired, there is no way to determine if the flaws in the weld are small enough (0.5 micron or less) to not present a sanitation or corrosion problem.

Clearly, the best design is one that is not susceptible to human or process error and doesn't require elaborate welding procedures to reduce quality problems. Subsequently, that design will have little variation in quality. Quite simply, that was the driving force in the design of the Fermentor and our quality is very high, very repeatable and absolutely free of any possible flaw. Our weld free fittings are a snap to install and thoroughly clean which simply cannot be done with a welded fitting.

Why do commercial breweries use welded tanks and fittings? Due to the sheer size of commercial fermentors they are made by welding rolled sheets of steel together. The welds are subsequently ground and polished and then non-destructively tested for microscopic flaws.

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