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How To Care For Stainless Steel
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Here are a few quick tips to take care of your stainless steel vessels:

1、Don't ever use chlorine bleach on or in your stainless items. Chlorine breaks down the protective chromium oxides on the surface and will cause rust.

2、Don't ever use steel wool scouring pads(or stainless steel pads either, for that matter). The scratching will break the protective surface and cause rust. In addition, the steel wool will leave deposits that will rust.

3、Do passivate your stainless steelfrom time to time. There are several ways to passivate your stainless steel:

  1)Use cleansers with oxalic acid in them (Bar Keeper's Friend, among others). You need to dry the kettle with a towel and let it remain dry in air for about a week. The dry exposure to oxygen will create a passivation layer on the stainless.

  2)Apply a 4 to 10% citric acid solution (by weight) at 70F to 120F for 20 minutes, rinse, dry. (Citric acid may be available at your local home brew shop). Lemon juice typically has a 5% to 6% citric acid concentration.

  3)Nitric acid solution. Our recommendation: don't try this at home (the other two methods work well and are much safer).

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